3D measuring machines XOrbit

3D measuring machines XOrbit

With a new design, Wenzel XOrbit is the ideal coordonate measuring machine for universal applications. XOrbit is efficient because of the flexibility and easy use of the machine combined with decades of experience gained by Wenzel over time.

XOrbit features:
-Motherboard, traverse and pinola made of granite
-Y-axis integrated directly into the motherboard
-Weight compensation of the Z-axis with the help of a pneumatic cylinder
-Pneumatic air cushion guides with self-cleaning for smooth travel on all axes
-Surface quality of the motherboard according to DIN 876/0
-CNC control on all axes
-Compatible with Renishaw motorized heads: PH10T / M, PH20
-Rulers and Renishaw sensors: TP20, TP200, SP25M, SP600
-Multisensor capability
-Compact design
-Easy access for maintenance

Measuring range
XOrbit 55 XOrbit 87 XOrbit 107
X 500 800 1000
Y 700/1000 1000/1500/2000 1200/1500/2000
Z 500 700 700

Accuracy: MPEE = from 2.0 + L/300 μm MPETHP = from 2.5 μm / 72 sec for XOrbit 55 with SP25M/80

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