3D measuring machines – New generation LH

3D measuring machines – New generation LH

The success proved by this series is due to mechanical accuracy, mechanical engineering leading ensuring accuracy without the need to compensate with software.

The success of the machine is based both on the mechanical accuracy and the technology of the execution
LH New Generation Features:
-Motherboard, traverse and pinola made of granite
-Y-axis integrated directly into the motherboard
-The weight compensation of the Z-axis with the help of a pneumatic cylinder
-Optiona/Standard (dependind of the machine type: Standard, Premium or Premium Select) the active compensation of the vibrations and the online compensation of the temperature
-Pneumatic air cushion guides with self-cleaning for smooth travel on all axes
-Surface quality of the motherboard according to DIN 876/0
-CNC control on all axes
-Compatible with Renishaw motorized heads: PH10T / M, PH20, Revo
-Rulers and Renishaw sensors: TP20, TP200, SP25, SP600M
-Multisensor capability
-Compact design
-Easy access for maintenance

Measuring range
LH54 LH65 LH87 LH108 LH1210 LH1512
X 500 650 800 1000 1200 1500
Y 600/1000 750/1200 1000/
1200/1600/2000 1600/2000/
Z 400 500 700 800 900 1200

Premium Select: Accuracy MPEE = from 1.3 + L/450 μm MPETHP = from 1.9 μm / 72 sec fro LH54 equipped with
Premium: Accuracy : MPEE = from 1.5 + L/350 μm MPETHP = from 2.1 μm / 72 sec for LH54 with SP25M/80
Standard: Accuracy: MPEE = from 1.8 + L/300 μm MPETHP = from 2.4 μm / 72 sec for LH54 with SP25M/80

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