About Us

Ro-mega Trade represents world-wide renowned industrial machinery and tool manufacturers. In other words works as an interface between producers and buyers in this industrial field of activity. With absolute knowledge of the field, the producers and the products we are able to recommend the best solutions for our clients.

What we offer:

–       Technological consultancy and solutions: Ro-mega Trade doesn’t just sell products. We sell engineering answers to our client’s needs. Our products range between: lathes, vertical and horizontal processing centers, milling centers, software, control equipment and metrology tools.

–       Installing the machines and equipment: We make sure that

–       Personal training: We make sure that the personal that will be operating and using machines is ready to exploit the product to its full potential. Also, the usage will be done in such a manner that the product’s life and performance is according to standards. This ensures the machine has a longer life period and delivers better results.

–       Technical service and flexible solutions for maintenance: We support our client’s business with flexible guarantee options, equipment maintenance and repair.

–       Spare parts and consumables

–       Modernizing solutions and upgrade

–       Bring technology closer: We understand that it is crucial for our clients to see tools and machines at work. We organize periodical events that offer potential clients and technology enthusiasts the opportunity to see demonstrations and state-of the art machines in action. We also update our website with videos and written material to support product information.