TECHNOLOGY – A word that designates the knowledge and usage of tools, machines and systems, in order to solve a problem. It is the core of our activity and our greatest passion. We sell tools and machines that solve problems. And by doing this we find solutions to your problems.

COMPETENCE – The knowledge, education, experience that recommends our specialists to offer you best advice. This is the foundation of our activity and our most prized asset.

RELIABILITY – In engineering reliability is the study of a system’s ability to work under stated conditions for a specified period of time. It is highly linked with safety. In business situations things are very similar. It is one of our most important goals to make our business partners feel safe when they choose our services!

VERSATILITY – It defined as the ability to perform more than one thing in proper manner,or the ability to serve more than one function, or even, being challenge oriented. This defines Ro-Mega Trade in all core aspects. We sell machinery and tools that are designed to find solutions to different industrial problems. While doing this, we use our problem solving abilities in the benefit of our partners.

ADAPTABILITY – Reffers to the ability to fit to a specific use or situation. We understand that our clients have very different needs, technological, financiar, practical. We understand these needs and always find a way to deliver the best suiting solution.